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Is it time yet?..

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So after much dilema after Razzle having to be put down I instantly got a new hedgehog trying to replace him. It didnt work out and I ended up giving him to a very good friend of myne. Hes doing great. I still have Numo. I love him so much. Ive gotten into more of a regular routine with him and hes coming along great. My birthday is on march 19th and I was thinking if all goes good and in March I think its okay and everything good. Maybe I could try again?
What do you guys think?
Things to remember..

- I will get it from Connie and NOT a petstore this time
- I will only get another hedgehog if I feel im 110 % ready.
- I will get a baby that is well socialized.
- I will spoil the hedgie like never before :)
- Some people assume I will forget about Numo and that will NOT happen. I can garuntee that.

..This isnt for sure just a idea. I know that one day I will get another hedgehog again.

Ashley <3
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Yeah I know thats not why I rehomed Jumbie.

Jumbie was much much more social than Numo.
Numo is a very unsocial hedgehog and that makes me love him no more no less..
I got Numo from a breeder. But I myself didnt socialize him right. I got him at the wrong time and I was so busy with my lifestyle that I didnt socialize him right. And when I did I didnt do it on a routine kindof basis.

Razzle I had gotten from a petstore. My dream hedgehog I tell you he was everything I ever looked for. But hes gone now so it doesnt even matter..

I realize my faults and I dont hide them. I spoil Numo alot now. And hes coming around well. But I know that he will never change and that makes me love him no less.

I didnt give away Jumbie because he wasnt friendly because he was. He was much friendlier than Numo. He just liked biting but I got used to it :lol:

I gave him away because when I first got him I had done it for the wrong reason...
thanks. I'm going to wait and see what happens.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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