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Is it time yet?..

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So after much dilema after Razzle having to be put down I instantly got a new hedgehog trying to replace him. It didnt work out and I ended up giving him to a very good friend of myne. Hes doing great. I still have Numo. I love him so much. Ive gotten into more of a regular routine with him and hes coming along great. My birthday is on march 19th and I was thinking if all goes good and in March I think its okay and everything good. Maybe I could try again?
What do you guys think?
Things to remember..

- I will get it from Connie and NOT a petstore this time
- I will only get another hedgehog if I feel im 110 % ready.
- I will get a baby that is well socialized.
- I will spoil the hedgie like never before :)
- Some people assume I will forget about Numo and that will NOT happen. I can garuntee that.

..This isnt for sure just a idea. I know that one day I will get another hedgehog again.

Ashley <3
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I think that the fact you felt the need to ask others if they think you're ready shows that you aren't. If you were ready you wouldn't have asked....You would just know. Take your time..it may seem like you've waited a long time but you really haven't. When its time you will know...just don't rush into anything.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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