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Is it the hedgehogs?

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A couple of weeks ago, small fluid-filled bumps started appearing on one area palm. They eventually spread, worsened, and started peeling. They're healing up now. However, I recently discovered more of these tiny, itchy bumps all over BOTH of my hands. They're only visible in the right light and have not progressed to be what the first couple of bumps are now.

What I was wondering is if these bumps were caused by the hedgehogs (maybe their quills poking urine under my skin?), and the area where they first appeared and worsened just got infected. I've seen a dermatologist and she guesses that it's either infected eczema or a viral infection, but she only saw the bad area on one hand as this was before the other blisters appread, and she doesn't know I have hedgehogs.

There's only one reason that I'm not sure about this theory. That is I'd had my Junie for a month when the blisters started appearing, and nothing like this ever happened even though I held her every day. Oh, and when the blisters first popped up, Junie had just had her babies and I hadn't held her for a week.

So do you guys think it's just eczema, or an allergic reaction to hedgehog urine? If it is, how can I prevent this from happening?
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A similar thing sometimes happens to me. I think it's possible it could be from quill pokes, but it really never bothered me much.

Are you getting large blisters?

My hand would just get a tiny little skin bubble, that eventually peels; but they are so small, you can't see them unless my hand are all wet and prune-y, from the shower.
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