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So my baby is starting to get over a session of having green poop so I figured it would be a good time to stalk up on some probiotic powder in case his little tummy gets upset again. After shopping around a bit I purchased the following powder:


From what I can tell this should be fine to give my hedgie but I figured I would check with you guys before giving it to him. The Ingredidents appear to be:
L-Acidophilus DDS-1- 500 million CFUs * L. Plantarum- 250 million CFUs * L. Salivarius- 250 million CFUs * Bacillus Coagulans- 250 million CFUs * Inactive Ingredients- Maltodextrin, Ascorbic Acid, Lemongrass

Are any of these ingredients hazardous to hedgehogs at all? From what I can tell they are not and some are even included in certain hedgehog foods and brands! Thanks!
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