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Is a junk food needed?

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I have just recently changed my hedgies food to a mix of Wellness healthy weight (11 1/2 lbs),Authority adult weight management(4 lb) and Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul light formula(6 lbs).
I also feed eggs,boiled chicken breast,mealies,crickets,friuts and veggies as treats a few times a week.Except the mealies i give 1 per day.
All my hedgies seem to love the food,it's always gone by the morning.
My question is do i need a junk food to mix in it?
If so any suggestions?
Thanks HHC members in advance for any and all advice/suggestions
Thanks LarryT :D
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Can I just get a little bit of clarification on this issue. I do not have my hedgie...yet! But when he arrives I want to make sure everything is in order and he gets everything he needs.

How does the feeding work exactly? How much do you feed per day and how many kibbles of each mix do you put per serving? Then with regards to feeding the fruit and veg and the meat, how often do you give that and again how much? I'm sorry for the multitude of questions but its of great importance to me that I get it all correct.

Thanks for the help in advance.
And if I may say, this is just the most brilliant site I've ever been to. You guys are so helpful and informative, I'm so glad I stumbled upon this.
Thanks for the detailed response!

Just to clarify one thing - am I right in saying that when you do the mix of 3 different cat foods, one of them must be a 'junk' food?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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