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Is a junk food needed?

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I have just recently changed my hedgies food to a mix of Wellness healthy weight (11 1/2 lbs),Authority adult weight management(4 lb) and Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul light formula(6 lbs).
I also feed eggs,boiled chicken breast,mealies,crickets,friuts and veggies as treats a few times a week.Except the mealies i give 1 per day.
All my hedgies seem to love the food,it's always gone by the morning.
My question is do i need a junk food to mix in it?
If so any suggestions?
Thanks HHC members in advance for any and all advice/suggestions
Thanks LarryT :D
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hoglet said:
Thanks for the detailed response!

Just to clarify one thing - am I right in saying that when you do the mix of 3 different cat foods, one of them must be a 'junk' food?
It would be better to do a mix of 3 good quality cat foods. And if you want, add in a 4th "junk"
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