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I'm so excited about my new pet that I thought I'd post here and introduce myself and my little hedgehog and ask a few questions.

His name is Fizgig and he's 8-10 weeks old.

I've wanted a hedgie for years and years and am thrilled with him!

1. How does your hedgehog sleep? I think I might have had his cage a little too cool to begin with. I've placed a heating pad on low under his cage and he seems to enjoy it. Where he used to sleep balled up he now stretches out a bit...does that mean anything? Is it too warm?

2. He poops in his wheel. I'm glad he's using the wheel, but is it normal for them to use it as a "litterbox"? LOL I have to clean his feet every day!

3. He doesn't seem to eat any of the treats I put out. I've read through many of the posts that say this isn't a worry; what treats have worked for you and if they're active at night what is the best time to give them?

4. Is it bad to wake them up during the day to socialize them if they're active at night?

5. Does your hedgie like to be "petted"...?




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Hi, welcome to the wonderful world of hedgehogs! :D
To answer some of your questions...

My guess would be that he was sleeping in a ball due to being just a little too cold, and now he's at a comfortable temperature. If a hedgehog is too warm they will kind of pant and not move around, but I've found that Rocko stretches out on his belly when he's warm and comfortable.

It's totally normal for them to poop on the wheel! Most hedgies do it from what I can tell. It's actually a good thing, because when you clean the wheel you can detect any abnormal changes in urine or feces.

Hedgehogs can be picky eaters. Rocko doesn't eat most treats either. He likes mealworms and crickets, but I can't get him to eat any fruits or vegetables. One treat that he does really enjoy is baby food. He still won't eat fruit flavored ones, but he really loves sweet potato and turkey baby food. If he's active at night, you can offer a small amount and just remove it in the morning. I usually just give Rocko treats during playtime, which is in the evening before he wakes up on his own.

You can wake hedgie up during the day to play, just read his signals to know what he likes and doesn't like. Rocko, for example, is active all night. If I try to play with him in the morning, he's really grumpy because he just went to bed. But I can play with him in the late afternoon or early evening, and he is perfectly happy and wakes up with no problem.

My hedgehog does like to be petted, but some hedgehogs don't. They are all different. Rocko loves to have his quills stroked and he really loves to put his nose up so I can scratch his chin. I have read about hedgehogs who don't really like being touched at all, hedgehogs who don't mind having their quills touched but won't let you touch their face, etc. You just have to pay attention to what he likes and what upsets him, and act accordingly.

Hope this helped!
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