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Hair Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Hedgehog Rodent

Erinaceidae Hedgehog Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Terrestrial animal

Christmas ornament Tree Carnivore Dog Holiday ornament

Hand Safety glove Textile Wood Finger

Head Eye Carnivore Iris Whiskers

Hair Smile Skin Mouth Beard

Hair Head Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog

This is my sweet boy peanut! He loves cuddles and tearing up my carpet when I look away 😄 he is going on 2 years old! Peanut does have a few health issues that with the help of our loving vet we have under control :) peanut lives in a fairly large enclosure, he is potty trained which I love! And is 100% worth the time! His cage is lined with felt bedding and felt toys, to keep down the smell we have 2 sets of bedding that we alternate and wash weekly. Let me know if you have any question about sir peanut!
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