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I've always had issues with comparing the number of kibble a hedgehog eats. Each hedgehog's requirements could be different and unless you are feeding the exact same foods, you could be comparing "apples to oranges." I have a hedgehog currently that eats a minimum of 90 pieces of kibble a night. I am happier if he eats more since I am trying to get weight back on him. Most of the kibble is small. If it was 90 pieces of Innova (lite or Sr) it would be an HUGE amount of food. 40-50 pieces of kibble and he would drop 10+ grams of weight each night (I've watched it happen with him).

Counting kibble is great if you are trying to determine if your hedgehog is eating at all. A better method of comparing is watching their weights. Weigh them daily and watch for weight fluctuations. I don't count kibble, I watch weights. When I see weight going down and the food bowl doesn't look touched, I will start to count kibble just to monitor to see if I need to figure out what is wrong (start syringe feeding, schedule a veterinary visit, etc).

If you think they aren't eating enough or their weight isn't high enough, take a look at them from above. If their sides sink in, they need to gain weight. Also feel their chest and their back. If their backbone is sticking out or their chest is bony, they could use more weight. Also keep in mind that hedgehogs have 2 main body shapes, a runner body style and a teardrop. Runners have slender bodies with legs that look like they are on stilts. They often can look skinny if you have them sitting near a nice teardrop. Doesn't mean they are though.

My opinions of course.
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