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I've always loved Hedgehogs and wished to have one, but as long as I could remember, worms were a must.
Well now my kids are interested in Hedgies and I am starting my research again only ro find maybe they can do without?

I have a phobia of worms/grubs/caterpillar and 100% cannot have them in the house. Literally nightmares. I can't even stomach leaving the house on some rainy days due to my concerns and have only hydroponic gardens for my veggies.. 😅

But crickets, beetles, roaches, whatever- no problem.

Now, if they are a must in a hedgehog's diet, I will just have to move on and admire from the internet. But if there is an alternative feeding routine that will still keep a hedgehog happy and healthy, I am all ears!

We are very well equipped otherwise to provide a great home.. but that part of the diet is just too hard for me.
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