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Input on this food?

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Newbie here! :D
I was looking at Naturals, with Vitamins and Minerals by Cat Chow. I normally don't use this for my cats, but was browsing what I can get them that works for our new hedgie, Puck also. It says the protien is 38% and the fat is at 13%. But chicken meal is the first ingredient.

There is also Iams Natural with Chicken, first ingredient is chicken, but the protien is at 33% and fat at 15%.
I have looked at the list posted, but I wan't sure if these would work also.

We just got Puck and he was being fed Iams Proactive Health with chicken, first ingredient is chicken, with 33% protien and 15 % fat. He seems fine on it, so I really don't know IF we should switch anything. Any input is welcome! Thanks! :)
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Yep, we try so hard NOT to eat out, but time constraints get us every once in a while. :roll: Cooking at home is such a calming, enjoyable thing for me. But I do hit the roof when I see the cost of fresh food that is so much better for my family than the cheaper prepackaged/fast food crap. Your stuck either way. :? We plan to go off grid this spring/summer. We are going to attempt a garden while we are out there. Hard work, fresh home grown food...it'll teach us to appreciate what we have and what we can accomplish even more. :D
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