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Input on this food?

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Newbie here! :D
I was looking at Naturals, with Vitamins and Minerals by Cat Chow. I normally don't use this for my cats, but was browsing what I can get them that works for our new hedgie, Puck also. It says the protien is 38% and the fat is at 13%. But chicken meal is the first ingredient.

There is also Iams Natural with Chicken, first ingredient is chicken, but the protien is at 33% and fat at 15%.
I have looked at the list posted, but I wan't sure if these would work also.

We just got Puck and he was being fed Iams Proactive Health with chicken, first ingredient is chicken, with 33% protien and 15 % fat. He seems fine on it, so I really don't know IF we should switch anything. Any input is welcome! Thanks! :)
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Does anyone else find it strange how everyone is knocking one food because it contains corn and suggesting another that also contains corn? Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Nutro all contain corn in the first 5 ingredients. o.o

SnufflePuff, I too like the manner of your reply. I would like to share my own alternate view on your findings.

We are starting to see that the new lines of pet food containing "organic high quality ingredients" can actually CAUSE liver and kidney failure because their levels of protein are of a TOO high quality and/or quantity.
I agree that some of these high end cat foods may contain too much protein, and I am looking into a lower protein diet for my cat. However I am still wary of Science Diet and Royal Canin due to their poor choice of ingredients.

While the ingredients may not sound appealing or "high quality" the fact is, these foods are PROVEN to extend lives, prevent health problems and successfully treat a lot of issues.
I find that research done on products are often biased. Many times companies fund the research themselves, so to no surprise the results are in their favor.

At the clinic I work at, when we ask someone who's pet has this condition what food they are one it is very rarely Hill's, their pet store brand Science Diet, Medical, or their petstore brands Royal Canin and Technical.
This can be a misleading statistic since there are so many different cat foods on the market, and most people feed a lower quality cat food than Science Diet or Royal Canin. So it can be easily said that Hill's is rarely the culprit of a problem.

I try to take what I hear from such and such studies with a grain of salt.
1. Logic tells me to avoid any foods that contain corn since it's a cheap filler that is highly indigestible and contains sugars. Corn is also often associated with allergies.
2. By-products such as beaks, feet, or feathers aren't that bad since animals in the wild eat their kill whole. However by-products should be avoided because the category is so vaguely defined that any number of other unwanted leftovers can be added. (Pork?)
3. Soy is controversial because of the estrogen and GMO issues.
4. Natural or organic is always a plus. Who wants to eat chemicals preservatives?

I myself am thoroughly confused about what cat foods are best, especially with all the recalls and money issues leading to buyouts and formula changes. I personally don't believe a higher end cat food would be bad as long as you follow the protein/fat percentages. Though perhaps sticking with something in the middle is safest, as Nancy stated.
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