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Input on this food?

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Newbie here! :D
I was looking at Naturals, with Vitamins and Minerals by Cat Chow. I normally don't use this for my cats, but was browsing what I can get them that works for our new hedgie, Puck also. It says the protien is 38% and the fat is at 13%. But chicken meal is the first ingredient.

There is also Iams Natural with Chicken, first ingredient is chicken, but the protien is at 33% and fat at 15%.
I have looked at the list posted, but I wan't sure if these would work also.

We just got Puck and he was being fed Iams Proactive Health with chicken, first ingredient is chicken, with 33% protien and 15 % fat. He seems fine on it, so I really don't know IF we should switch anything. Any input is welcome! Thanks! :)
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hedgielover said:
The thing with those bad foods is that an animal may seem fine on the food for ears and then develop kidney problems and die. It's better to do everything so the animal thrives instead of just seems fine.

A good rule of thumb when buying foods is stay away from any brand you can buy in the grocery store or wal-mart etc. Iams, Whiskas, Science Diet, Eukanuba etc. They are all bad and even if they have natural varieties that look better they usually are not better by much.
Just wanted to point out that Hill's Science Diet is actually one of the best pet foods (for cats and dogs) on the market (besides veterinary brand food only sold in clinics) and is absolutely not sold in grocery stores. In fact Science diet's manufacturer Hill's is who makes the much-used A/D cat food that we often syringe to our hedgie friends when needed.

From my veterinary field nutrition experience this is what I've learned:

All the foods listed on the hedgie list are GREAT for hedgies, but are actually BAD for cats.

Whereas, the foods I feed my cats and dogs (Science Diet, Hill's and Medical) are GREAT for cats and dogs, but totally NOT suited for hedgies.

So I would stick to the cat food list if I were you. It usually leaves out certain brands for a reason.
I definitely didn't mean to stir up a big debate, sorry about that! :) I was just stating my opinion from the knowledge I've gained working in the vet field and the research I've done (as I want to be a vet).

If anyone is interested, here is what I've learned (but I don't want to stir up any arguments so remember this is just ONE of the many opinions out there!!)

This is what I know from talking to Vets/Nutrition Specialists/Pet food Reps:

1) Science diet and Hill's Prescription Diet are essentially the same foods, the only difference is Science diet is made as a prevenative life-stage product, whereas Hill's Prescription Diet is formulated to treat medical problems. In fact Hill's kitten food and science kitten food contain the exact same ingredients. (The only reason I feed Science Diet and not Hill's is because I don't have my discount anymore at the clinic where I work and Prescription diet food is crazy expensive when you don't need it for a medical issue)

2) Hill's Prescription Diet and Medi-cal/Royal Canin Veterinary lines are really the only 2 lines of veterinary food on the market (Iams makes one too, but it's not as well tested). They both contain "corn" as one of the top ingredients. And while Medical doesn't have the "chicken by-products" that Hill's does, Vets often see better results with Hill's food than with Medical food. While the ingredients may not sound appealing or "high quality" the fact is, these foods are PROVEN to extend lives, prevent health problems and successfully treat a lot of issues.

3) We are starting to see that the new lines of pet food containing "organic high quality ingredients" can actually CAUSE liver and kidney failure because their levels of protein are of a TOO high quality and/or quantity. Also any brand other than Hill's or Medical has the potential to cause urinary stones / crystals. At the clinic I work at, when we ask someone who's pet has this condition what food they are one it is very rarely Hill's, their pet store brand Science Diet, Medical, or their petstore brands Royal Canin and Technical.

I am simply going by experience. I have seen countless cats and dogs come in with problems and I can almost always pinpoint the food as a major factor in it. I know that as pet owners we think that we should go by what sounds healthy/natural/organic but the fact is, the evidence seems to show otherwise.

This is just what I've SEEN. Obviously I'm not a nutriton specialist. Nutrition is a changing field and by the time I am a certified Veteriarian things could completely have changed. So I definitely don't want to offend anyone! Just thought I'd share this info :)
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LizardGirl said:
I love the manner you replied to this, SnufflePuff. Thank you so much for not being one of those people that freaks out and defends themself and gets all angry! LOL :lol:

Thanks for sharing that info.
Not a problem, I was trying my best not to sound like that cause I know how easy it is for us pet owners to get carried away with our opinions, so I am glad it came across in a good way. :) I think what's more important than being "right" or "wrong" is that as pet owners we make decisions for our pets to the best of our experience/knowledge and be open to always learning more.
I know it's all very confusing hihihi****e. I also do believe company researching is bias, so instead I go by results I personally have see with patients. Although Hill's does actually allow other independent companies to do studies for them, and these results have proven quite promising too so I don't know. We just need a nice solid guide telling us what's good and what's bad eh? :lol:

I wish they'd just remove the corn and chicken by-products and then it'd be a close to perfect food. But unfortunately no one seems to want to do that. When asked, all the food companies answers seem to be the same: "cats and dogs have been doing just fine on corn for years, so why mess with it?" (essentially) But really have they? Different studies seem to show different things so who knows.

So I guess it's better to just choose food on an animal-to-animal basis. Some pets do great on some foods, some better on others.

So we do the best we can to the best of our judgement. I guess you can't really ask for more than that.
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