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Input on this food?

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Newbie here! :D
I was looking at Naturals, with Vitamins and Minerals by Cat Chow. I normally don't use this for my cats, but was browsing what I can get them that works for our new hedgie, Puck also. It says the protien is 38% and the fat is at 13%. But chicken meal is the first ingredient.

There is also Iams Natural with Chicken, first ingredient is chicken, but the protien is at 33% and fat at 15%.
I have looked at the list posted, but I wan't sure if these would work also.

We just got Puck and he was being fed Iams Proactive Health with chicken, first ingredient is chicken, with 33% protien and 15 % fat. He seems fine on it, so I really don't know IF we should switch anything. Any input is welcome! Thanks! :)
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Chow brands are crap. Iams is not great either but their naturals line is a bit better than the regular. Neither are considered good.
SnufflePuff said:
3) We are starting to see that the new lines of pet food containing "organic high quality ingredients" can actually CAUSE liver and kidney failure because their levels of protein are of a TOO high quality and/or quantity. Also any brand other than Hill's or Medical has the potential to cause urinary stones / crystals. At the clinic I work at, when we ask someone who's pet has this condition what food they are one it is very rarely Hill's, their pet store brand Science Diet, Medical, or their petstore brands Royal Canin and Technical.
While I don't care for the ingredients of Hills, SD and Royal Canin and Technical, I definitely agree with you that these high quality foods can cause problems because of the high protein levels. I've been hearing that too. I firmly believe that since we really don't know what is best, it is better to stick to a middle of the line but decent quality with moderate levels of protein.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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