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Ingesting pee pads

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For context I use pee pads since fleece lining is inconvenient to wash everyday since Kiwi is only a few months old and isn’t properly potty trained. I’ve been using pee pads since she was a month old, and haven’t had problems until now. Up until now she has had no problem with it but she’s started to bite and chew on the corners of the pee pads. I’ve tried methods like folding it, but she ends up pulling on the corner and going under the pad to chew on it. I’ve also tried things like blocking the edges with things like her hides and wheel, but she pushes them away and goes to chew on it. I think she’s ingested some of the blue corners and I’m not sure about the white absorbing material. I’ve heard that it could be dangerous if hedgehogs eat the absorbing material, any idea on what to do? Is she going to be alright? I’m trying to potty train her but it’s taking awhile so I need help please!
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In this photo you can also see some marks on her litter tray, she’s tried to move it out of the way but failed since the litter tray fits perfectly in her cage
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