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Along with a wheel, my small friend's in-cage toys, past and present (not all in at once!):
- a ball (mostly ignored)
- smaller-than-hedgehog stuffed rat (mostly ignored)
- larger-than-hedgehog teddybear ("snuggled" when he burrows under it)
- plastic dumptruck (sometimes shoved around, sometimes knocked over. I occasionally "hide" treats in the bucket and he dumps them out)
- fleece "forest" -- dangling strips of fleece from the top of the cage. (loved! ignored when I hung bells in. removed bells, then loved! again)
- pvc pipe tunnels (adored!!!)
- fleece "curtain" with bells -- like 1970s beaded curtains, a little fleece curtain with bells from Linden Easter bunnies, stretched across a tunnel (he tries to yank it into his tunnel sometimes, runs back & through it other times, ignores it most of the time)

For out-of-cage supervised play:
- different varieties of finished wood (he loves sniffing the different types. Finished-only because I dislike doing preventative mite treatment. Furniture, instruments, decorative objects...)
- musical instrument cases (again, he loves to sniff. I'm guessing all the bar-gigs over the years have infused some intense aromas!)
- thick cord or elastic (he likes to play tug-of-war with me)
...but most of the time he just likes running around exploring.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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