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In Need of Toy Ideas

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So I'm trying once again to find my hedgie some toys to keep him amused. He seems to absolutely live for burrowing under things. He never uses his house when he sleeps and instead chooses to pull up the corner of the liner and either sleep between the layers or under it against the plastic bottom. I've tried different balls, fleece, plastic, with and without bells and he doesn't seem to do much with them. Any suggestions would be great.
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liner diving seems to be quite a common activity around the board! I know some hedgies will play with a toilet paper tube; I've tried countless toys and my hedgie only wants her wheel. Some of them just don't like to play!
Not sure if this would help...but we use fleece bedding and cut up fleece strips in Henry's igloo so he can feel like he's burrowing but we also leave larger fleece squares right outside the door and he often drags them into his house. I feel like he likes having some control over the interior decorating HA!

Probably a silly question...but you do have a wheel in there right? Without one hedgies have been known to get very bored and climb the sides of the cage and get hurt.

Hmm you could also try some PVC pieces. We have a bunch of them secured to the sides of the cage and he seems to love running through them when he's up at night (confirmed by the poop tracks I see each morning).

Besides that we don't really use anything else in the cage so I wish I had more to suggest. Let us know how it goes!

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Along with a wheel, my small friend's in-cage toys, past and present (not all in at once!):
- a ball (mostly ignored)
- smaller-than-hedgehog stuffed rat (mostly ignored)
- larger-than-hedgehog teddybear ("snuggled" when he burrows under it)
- plastic dumptruck (sometimes shoved around, sometimes knocked over. I occasionally "hide" treats in the bucket and he dumps them out)
- fleece "forest" -- dangling strips of fleece from the top of the cage. (loved! ignored when I hung bells in. removed bells, then loved! again)
- pvc pipe tunnels (adored!!!)
- fleece "curtain" with bells -- like 1970s beaded curtains, a little fleece curtain with bells from Linden Easter bunnies, stretched across a tunnel (he tries to yank it into his tunnel sometimes, runs back & through it other times, ignores it most of the time)

For out-of-cage supervised play:
- different varieties of finished wood (he loves sniffing the different types. Finished-only because I dislike doing preventative mite treatment. Furniture, instruments, decorative objects...)
- musical instrument cases (again, he loves to sniff. I'm guessing all the bar-gigs over the years have infused some intense aromas!)
- thick cord or elastic (he likes to play tug-of-war with me)
...but most of the time he just likes running around exploring.
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I love the fleece forest idea! Maybe tie a tiny bucket-thing on the end of a piece of fleece and hide a treat in.
Lucy loves a toilet paper roll. She is also a fleece diver. She takes it to the extreme though. She will go under it, find her way into her igloo while under the fleece then proceed to pull the fleece inside the igloo with her bunched up.
My small friend does that, too! Advanced Liner Diving, for skilled hedgehogs only.
My pig has two cat balls (solid plastic with beads inside) and a matchbox car that looks kinda like a T-Rex. I have seen him bite at them before, especially at the raised chunk where the two halves of the ball meet, but I've never been sure whether he actually drags them around and "plays" or if he just bumps them out of the way on his way from his food to the wheel.
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