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Importing Hedgehogs: Canada into US

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Hello everyone! Does anyone know off hand if hedgehogs are allowed to be imported into US from Canada? I live in Buffalo, NY (roughly 20 mins from the border) and I am hoping to travel to Ontario to purchase a hedgie from a reputable breeder (Prickles & Giggles).

The US customs website says that guina pigs, hamsters, rabbits and other rodents hve no restrictions for importation as long as they are intended as pets. I just want to be totally sure I won't run into any trouble at the border, so if anyone has any experience with this I would be very grateful for your input.

I tried calling US customs for information, but I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes and ended up putting the phone down. will call back, but I thought I would inquire here on the "off chance" anyone has gone through this same process. Thank you very much for your time!

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Hey! I responded to your email that you sent me about my hedgie wheel...did you get ahold of the Rochester breeder whose email I sent you?

IDK about bringing an exotic over the border. If I were you I'd play it safe and wait on hold until you can talk to someone from customs. And make sure you get their name. I would personally try to avoid having my car torn apart at customs because I wanted to bring an animal into the states who is rodent-sized but not really a rodent.
I don't think she's registered. I didn't get any papers with mine but I didn't ask for any.
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