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Importing Hedgehogs: Canada into US

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Hello everyone! Does anyone know off hand if hedgehogs are allowed to be imported into US from Canada? I live in Buffalo, NY (roughly 20 mins from the border) and I am hoping to travel to Ontario to purchase a hedgie from a reputable breeder (Prickles & Giggles).

The US customs website says that guina pigs, hamsters, rabbits and other rodents hve no restrictions for importation as long as they are intended as pets. I just want to be totally sure I won't run into any trouble at the border, so if anyone has any experience with this I would be very grateful for your input.

I tried calling US customs for information, but I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes and ended up putting the phone down. will call back, but I thought I would inquire here on the "off chance" anyone has gone through this same process. Thank you very much for your time!

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You can check with Jane [email protected] who does the Canadian Registry, or Jeanne [email protected] who does the US registry to see if the breeder you are interested in registers and has herd initials. If a Canadian breeder doesn't show up in the Canadian registry, check the US. All mine are registered in the US simply because I started registering before there was a Canadian registry and I've kept them all under the US just because it's easier.
I think Prickles & Giggles might register but as the Canadian Liaison for the HBA, I have the list of Canadian breeders and she does not have herd initials. Ask Jane.

I sold a baby to a couple in the US in the summer and it was a breeze but it isn't always. I met the couple at the border in case there was any problems we could cancel the deal and I'd bring the baby back home. How strict they are, seems to depend on which border crossing you use. A vet certificate may be required. There was no problem with my baby but I had given them all the paper work. I also pointed out that the baby's grandparents were from breeders in the US so basically, she was just going home. :lol: From what they were told, as long as it is going to be a pet, there is no problem.

You will definitely have an idea of health based on lineage but not necessarily temperament. It doesn't always follow that calm laid back parents have calm laid back babies. Sometimes the opposite happens. :lol:

Most reputable breeders have an adoption questionnaire to fill out before you are approved to buy a baby from them. Once you have been approved you should be given lineage information then if you ask for it. All babies should come with their pedigree, birth certificate and registration #. My pedigree's show registration # of all the ancestors.
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