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Nancy said:
At the age of those babies it is very difficult to tell if one likes you or not. Babies go through so many little changes and they are quilling so one day a baby could be simply wonderful, the next a bit shy and hesitant. Don't judge Gavin by one visit only as the next day he could be great with you. :)
Well i go and see the babies every day, and i play with them all and withing the last week and a half i have grown more towards the girl than gaven, i don't know why but she just seams to have a better personality than him and every time i leave from playing with them i have her stuck in the back of my mind, i want her more than gaven and i think i would regret it if i didn't get her, you know?
so i told the person i wanted her instead. I just think its the right decision on which hedgie baby i want.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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