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I'm new, need help

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Well, first of all, hi everyone, I've been searching for a solution all day, so I hope you could help me.
I got a hedgehog last sunday, I'm new with this kind of pets (I usually have dogs and no more), so here's the deal, he's seven months old, he's been eating quite ok, I've been giving him cat food as the breeder was, but yesterday at night he pooped once, but kind of slimy and between brown and green color, ever since he hasn't pooped, he has been eating and drinking, and when I take him out of the habitat he's active.
What should I do? Is he constipated?
(Sorry for bad english, It was kind of rusty)
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Green poop can be a sign of stress so the fact that you have only had him for less than a week could have contributed to that. He is still adjusting. For constipation, you can feed him unseasoned sweet potato, pumpkin, or squash baby food and just keep monitoring his drinking.
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