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I'm new! I probably need your help!

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Hello everyone!
I have been looking at getting a hedgehog for a few months now and have been reading lots of info on here! Thank you all!

Today my little ball of fun came home with me! Very excited! I did get him from a pet store because he looked miserable in there. He was born at the pet store, October 5. He was separated from his mother last week. They finally allowed me to take him home today just about 2 months later. So he is just about 8 weeks old. Everything I have read says that is okay, so really hoping it is!

The cage I bought came with Softies by living world for bedding which I am going to get rid of and use fleece liners and a Kaytee wooden hut house thing. Bought a ceramic food dish and same for water. His wheel is coming next week, I had to get the store to order the bigger one for me. Do they need toys/play with anything? Anything else I need?

Next thing is, his skin looks kind of dry but the pet store he was at seems pretty dry as well. I have read that you can give them baths with oatmeal shampoo. I have a dog so I have Burt's bees oatmeal shampoo for dogs it says with colloidal oat flour and honey on it as well. Would this work? Anything special I should know about giving a hedgehog a bath?

Any other general advice is always appreciated as I am very new to this! :)
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I am not the one to give assistance, but I am sure someone will be along. Sometimes people don't get to answer right away. I look forward to pictures though!
I am using fleece to put in Leeloo's cage, but I also use softies to put under her wheel as litter. So in the morning, I only have to put the dirty spot of paper in the garbage (and put everything in the garbage 2-3 Times a week, dépends if it smell)and she is (i don't know if It is Say like that in english...) "clean", so I change the top bedding (fleece) 2-3 Times a week, and the whole bedding once à week.

You Will need to have a ceramic heater emitter set up with a thermostat to regulate the température. You Will also need a light with a timer so the light goes on/off Automaticly.

For the toys, You can give him little balls, little teddy bears, a toilet paper roll cut the way he can't get stuck(i don't know how to really say it! But without the paper on it!!!!), You Can buy little cars, but You need to be sure There is no small parts that can hurt him, You Can do a dig box for him.... You May need to try lots of things before You find what he likes... For everything new You give him, you need to give him before the night and Watch him play with it to be sure that it is "hedgehog proof".

For the bath, Ithink You got an answer on your other thread, but i can add You Can buy some flaxseed oil and put a few drops on his kibbles 2-3 Times a week. it Will help the dry skin. Something You need to know about bath is he Will not like it and Will probably be a bit (or à lot!!!!) grumpy after his bath!!!! :)
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Take a look at this massive thread: http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/13-housing-accessories/1611-cage-setup-examples.html

That'll show you what options other people have "toyed" with for their hedgies.

And totally self-promoting, this thread shows my progression from a cage like the ones in the previous thread into what I have now. You can see Finnick's stuffed hedgehog, sand box, fleece tub, etc. http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/105-cages/117850-great-naturalistic-cage-overhaul.html

Some hedgehogs like balls, some like stuffed animals, some like dig boxes, some like nothing and think you're being completely ridiculous. So be prepared to try a few things before you find something he'll enjoy. Have fun! :)
Hi Hannah,

A toy my hedgehog likes are toilet paper rolls. He runs with it on his head and he seems to enjoy it. The only downside to those is that it can be dangerous, but if you cut along the long side of the tube it makes it safer and he can still enjoy it.

About the dry skin, I like to use aveeno oatmeal bath on him because its natural and soothing, especially in the winter.

These are just my preferences so dont feel pressured to do any of this. Each owner finds their own way of doing things that works for them and their hedgehogs. Try to enjoy spending time with him because they really are great pets.

- Em
What kind of food are you feeding him? Do you have a heat set up and a light schedule?
What kind of wheel did you order? Many store bought wheels can be unsafe for hedgies.

For dry skin, I put a table spoon of organic coconut oil in warm water and let Charlotte soak for several minutes after her bath, and try to work it into her skin as much as possible. It does take a long time to wipe it off her quills afterward, but it has made such a difference in her dry skin it is worth it.
Hi! I've had my cutie, Thistle, for about four months now. He is doing pretty well, but I was wondering if you had to give him toys. I have a little crinkly ball in his cage, but I don't see him play with it much. Also, what else would I need for him? Right now he has a hideout, homemade bucket wheel, litter box, food and water bowls, and his crinkly ball. I use fleece for the bottom of his cage, and I have a playpen that he can play in outside of his cage. Anything else I need?
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