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Thank you guys all so much for giving me the great advice.
I think I was just so worried that he simply hated me... but I have a better idea of what's going on now and I do look forward to earning his trust. He's progressed a lot since I last posted and I was just expecting too much out of the little guy. He's becoming so much better with the surroundings and interacting.

Also, Nikki, your post was especially helpful because I honestly didn't even think about that. I'd just done SOO much research on hedgies and I've been letting every little bit of info sink into my brain without logically thinking about some things. I'd been doing it because someone made a whole page about how to handle the more grumpy hedgehogs and they said if he/she takes too long to come out of his ball & etc. then you should just start putting him/her in a warm bath before playtime so when he's in there and you get him out he'll look at you as someone who's saving him. Hahah, kind of weird to think of it that way, i guess.
I'm really going to use your advice and work with it.

I'm really excited to continue working with him and I'll post again sometime soonnn.
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