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Biting hurts. And my boy is missing the real sharp chompers (his vampire fangs). He has bitten my arm, my fingers, my boyfriend's fingers (and drawn blood), my chest, my arm pit (that one really hurt and made me cry). Once you've gotten through the pain there is nothing to be afraid of if it happens again you'll get through it again.

Like rainbowcookie's Zeus, Quigley bites when he is overwhelmed or frustrated. If we've been out for a walk for too long. If I won't let him jump off the chair or the bed or explore somewhere he's trying to get to. After a few times of relocating him away from dangerous edges and gaps between furniture he'll get mad and chomp so usually I put him in the playpen before that happens. The time he bit my boyfriend we were clipping nails and probably pushed it a bit too far. He likes the laundry room in my building and gets mad at me when I'm done doing laundry and bring him back up to the apartment. He doesn't like sitting still and gets mad if I try and make him.

What I'm getting at is that hedgehogs all have individual personalities and likes and dislikes. Sometimes it takes a long time for a personality to shine and for owners to recognize it. Quigley and I have been getting to know each other for a year and a month. Sometimes he's still a huffy ball of quills, sometimes he gets mad and bites every so often his friendly side shines. Get to know your hedgehog, his triggers, his likes and dislikes, his preferred schedule etc.

If this is too overwhelming for you and you don't want to wait months for your hedgehog to come round a hedgehog may not be the right pet for you and you'll have to make that call. The people on here can help you and will tell you if your expectations are reasonable.

Good Luck
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