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I really lucked out!

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I've had my little Kiwi for almost a month now and I'm loving every minute of having her around. I think I really lucked out with my little girl as she's really settling in nicely and being such a good girl :)

From the start I didn't have much trouble handling her, the breeder had done a great job in socializing her and getting her started on the right path. At first she'd unball within a minute or two after taking her out. Now, when I go to pick her up, she sometimes will huff once or twice but always unballs right away when I pick her up! She really seems to be getting accustomed to me and honestly I'm a bit surprised!

I had read up a fair amount on hedgies before getting Kiwi and expected this to be a longer process. It's so sweet to be able to enjoy playtime together in the evenings. She's turning into a big cuddler too, sometimes she just likes to plop down on my lap and get cuddles, she likes getting pet behind the ears and lets me rub her belly too! In the past week I've made a point of handling her feet more and it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

To top things off, she is now using her litter pan for potty almost exclusively :shock: wow!

Feels like I hit the hedgehog lottery!!! lol I'm so impressed with her!

Only wierd thing is that she doesn't use her wheel... If she does she is particularly clean as there is never any poop on it. I'm quite sure she doesn't use it sadly. Maybe she'll pick it up one day?
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Congrats on your great hedgie friend! Sounds like you did luck out :)

Is it a bucket type wheel? I've heard of animals having a hard time with the flying saucer kinds, or the kinds that are spoked because they fall through.

My little guy Winston has NO interest in his wheel for the first bit I had him, then he really got into it! Now it's definitely been "used" every night, it's kinda hard to miss! :lol: If you really want to know if she used it and is just really clean (although that sounds unlike every other hedgie around) try putting a piece of her litter right on top of it. If she hops in and spins it, the little will be gone in the morning.

Either way, I would keep the wheel in there in case she does decide to use it one day. Maybe while you are handling her put her in the wheel and let her get out on her own so she knows it's something she can move in and out of.
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Haha! The same thing happened to me. I posted that he wasn't using it, then he started using it immediately! This forum is apparently a magic charm :)
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