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I bought these little freezable toys for my kitten, when he was with me (RIP Orion). Unfortunately, he wasn't long for this world.

The other day, my hedgehog was wandering her world (when I put her in the pen that becomes her "world", her cage is her "home"), and I thought, hey, let's find a use for these little toys. So I chucked them in (after carefully cleaning them from the kitten use months prior). She ATTACKED the toy so enthusiastically I thought she'd never let go! I never hear her rolling her kittie balls around (hard plastic with a bell inside), but this toy, she loved. So I threw them in her home after we were done with them.

For weeks I hadn't seen them move, be touched, or signs that she liked it, I thought, perhaps she didn't really enjoy it.

Last night, she must have rekindled that love for these toys, because this morning, one was in her water dish and one is on her running wheel. Tonight, I plan to stay up to see what she does with these sticks...

If you're wondering what toys I have for my hedgehog, try these

http://www.petstages.com/cats/chewing/c ... chews.html are the sticks she loves. and they're freezeable! so if it's too hot, I can chuck them in the fridge and she can cool off a little.

She's grown up to be quite the little pig as well. I hadn't tried alot of changes in food, I wasn't certain how often, too much, etc. We tried vanilla yogurt about two weeks ago (first time she anointed), and I placed mealworms ON her cat food, to get her to want to eat them. They have been eaten since, and will resume placement in the separate food dish I have for them.

Also she loooooves cottage cheese. Like, I can't even open the container around her, without that little head peeking out and looking at me - even during the day time! She is a cottage cheese fanatic. Of course, not salt, no pepper.
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