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I need your opinion, which new cage should I use?

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Hey there, everyone. In the last month or so, Spiff has grown like a weed! He already needs a new cage, but I'm still having him cramped up in his old one because we can't decide which new kind he needs. If you could help me out, that would be fantastic! Please post a pic of the cage, or a link to a site where you found it, and what store you found it at. I really need some help, Spiff can't even turn around in his cage! :(
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you can get cages at any pet store. Most pet stores will have multiple options. I've seen lots of good ones at pet smart but I'm sure you could find something anywhere.

Things to consider.

Size: should be minimum 2 feet square, most say 3 or 4. If you have to go smaller make sure it's not much smaller and make sure a 12" wheel will fit.

Hedgehogs can't have levels unless they are fully enclosed because hedgehogs have been known to walk right off a ledge. Levels do not count towards the size of the cage.

The cage has to be safe to use a heating system with. For instance aquariums and cages with plastic near the top can be dangerous if used with a heat emitter (I don't much about heating systems because I don't use one, just keep my apartment at the appropriate temp). It seems like the most versatile cages for a heating system are simple plastic bottomed wire topped cages.

Metal bottoms are a big NO! they get too cold and wet without a heating system and get too hot with one. They either burn or freeze your hedgehog.

The cage has to be well ventilated. This means if you are using a plastic storage bin you need to drill holes in the sides. it means that aquariums and zoo-zones are out!

These general guidelines should help you with your cage shopping. If you see a cage that you like in the cage set up threads that Larry T posted I'm sure you could PM the person to ask where they got it or how they made it.

You're individual preferences, space available and budget are going to influence the cage you get more than anything else.
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