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I need help with my new dwarf hamster?

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I am sorry to be off topic, but I recently bought a new dwarf hamster, she is a young female and she is doing something really weird... I actually have a video of it.

0:00-0:09 is where it happens, I have never had a dwarf hamster so I am a bit worried about her. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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That definitely looks like she is bathing to me. I have had hamsters my whole life, including dwarves, and that is what the dwarves like to do (not so much the syrians)! Have you got her a dust bath? I like using the chinchilla sand and a little thing called a Critter Bath that you can find at any pet store. It's a cermic thing, but you could really put the dust in anything. I think they like this because it's private:

http://cgi.ebay.com/SUPERPET-CERAMIC-BA ... dZViewItem

Don't leave it in their cage the whole time because they poo and pee on it, it's gross. I like to put it in for an hour or two a day, eventually they get used to using it when you provide it :) Hope this helps!
Sorry, thought I should add that I think she is using the wheel because it's a different surface than her normal bedding. I usually mix up the types of bedding in my rodent cages (soft srobent in some places, carefresh in others, ripped up TP in others, etc) and found each little guy/girl had a favourite rolly place. They ALL liked rolling in their plastic tunnels though, so I think it's something to do with the surface difference which is why she is picking the wheel :)
Maybe because she is still young she's not as interested. Most dwarves are wheel addicts and go so fast they can even flip themselves on the wheels! Silly little things :) She's a total cutie, by the way!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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