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i need as much help as i can get - please

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My hedgie Julian is worrying me. He was neglected by his earlier owners and was bought at a pet store (I've heard this is bad?). Whenever i get him out - he gets very cautious and scared. He pees and poops on -EVERYTHING-. I got him about 3 months back in August, and have been told that hedgehogs would be calm by now. I hold him every day for at least 30 minutes- and feed him everyday. I keep his cage fairly clean and love him. Is it the way I hold him? Do we need more bonding time? (also - bonding ideas) How do I "Potty Train' my baby Julian? He has a litter box in his cage. I'm sorry.I've never had a hedgehog before and I'm not sure how other hedgies behave. Please help. I am on the verge of giving him a better home :cry:

Thank you everyone
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Don't worry, he's a perfectly normal little hedgie. :) Some hedgehogs will be that cautious even if they come from an excellent breeder who handled them every day. By nature, they're pretty shy animals and it can take some time for them to warm up to you. It all depends on the individual hedgehog, and probably has little to do with how you're treating him. I've even seen people say that they had their hedgehog for up to a year before the hedgehog learned to trust them, which is not typical, but still nothing to really worry about. So don't fret, he's okay! :)

Bonding is also dependent on the hedgie, but if he's very scared whenever you try to hold him, just take things slow. Before even picking him up out of the cage, try stroking him and talking gently to him. My own little baby is normally very sweet, but is quilling right now and is the grumpiest little thing ever. :lol: Nevertheless he will come around if I talk to him for a minute. Then it's a good idea to just hold him on your lap while you work on the computer or watch TV, or just lay on the floor and let him explore on you. Both of these will let you spend time with him while he also gets to know your scent.

Have you tried putting a worn article of your clothing in his cage for him to snuggle with? If you sleep with a shirt on, or even just put a piece of fleece inside your shirt and sleep with it for a night, you can put it in the hedgie's cage and it will help them get to know and trust your scent much faster.

As for the pooping... They are poop machines, and that's about all there is to it. :lol: Usually if you wake your hedgie up, they're going to go to the bathroom (a LOT) within the next ten minutes or so. Just keep something nearby to clean up, or keep him near the cage while you're first playing with him and then put him in his litter box when he starts to "go." That might help him take to the litter box as well, although some hedgehogs never will.
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