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i need as much help as i can get - please

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My hedgie Julian is worrying me. He was neglected by his earlier owners and was bought at a pet store (I've heard this is bad?). Whenever i get him out - he gets very cautious and scared. He pees and poops on -EVERYTHING-. I got him about 3 months back in August, and have been told that hedgehogs would be calm by now. I hold him every day for at least 30 minutes- and feed him everyday. I keep his cage fairly clean and love him. Is it the way I hold him? Do we need more bonding time? (also - bonding ideas) How do I "Potty Train' my baby Julian? He has a litter box in his cage. I'm sorry.I've never had a hedgehog before and I'm not sure how other hedgies behave. Please help. I am on the verge of giving him a better home :cry:

Thank you everyone
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krbshappy71 said:
One of mine only uses his wheel which is great for cleanup and one of them leaves pellets all around. I just clean up the pellets, its part of owning an animal and takes very little time. (I use a tissue and do a quick pick-up of pellets in the morning when grabbing their wheels to be washed)
Yours makes pellets? Mine makes LOGS :lol:

wtfrenee said:
Just keep something nearby to clean up, or keep him near the cage while you're first playing with him and then put him in his litter box when he starts to "go."
You'll want to try to catch it before he's mid-poop. Look for him to assume "the stance..." standing there all tall, legs spread apart, and pointy bottom. Seeing his little tail pop up is an excellent sign of impending poo.

About him peeing and pooping on everything... do you mean inside his cage or on you/outside his cage?

If it's outside, I'll tell you what I've done with my hedgie that pretty much solved that. After I get her up for evening playtime, I bring out her litterbox and hedgiewipes (babywipes). Then she runs from one of my hands to the next... like a treadmill/improvised wheel... until she's ready to do her business. In the beginning, I used to set her in the litter box to go, but then she'd un-point her tail and stop the process, so now we just hold her over the litter box and she makes pee and a few poops. Once she's "empty," we can safely play for about an hour. I'll readily admit that holding your hedgie while s/he poops and pees is... oh... a little weird. But it's come in handy. She now can use the human toilet... which she does each morning before footbath time. And whenever I've needed to take in a sample of either substance to the vet, all I have to do is do the treadmill thing and hold her over a clean jar.
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