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I have a jewel thief!

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Waffles is really warming up to me and whilst exploring all over my lap she found my hands...and she also found my rings! As soon as she came accross the ring on one of my hands she started biting on it and trying to chew it off! I of course stopped it before she hurt her teeth or something bad happened. Then two seconds later she found my other hand and proceeded to try and make off with my wedding ring! So I have come to the conclusion she is really a jewel thief in a hedgehogs body! Anybody else have little thieves out there?
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I never knew all hedgies were like that!
My Bacon always attacks zippers and keys.. It's so funny to watch!
I wasn't sure if he was doing that because he liked shiny things or he hated them and was attacking them. It's really cute though hehe
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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