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I got my Hedgehog today!

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So after doing my research and looking for a breeder, I made a two hour drive to meet the breeder I found and bought a hedgehog from him. He's 6 weeks old as of today, he's salt&pepper, and he's absolutely adorable. He ran on his wheel just a few times today, ate a bit, but didn't drink any water until I put a bowl in there for him. Other than that, he really slept all day. I'm hoping he learns to use his water bottle, I suppose he just has to learn his new home.

I named him Kush. When I get a chance, I'll definitely post some pictures. I'm excited and really happy with him. :)

Just wanted to share.
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Congrats! Can't wait for pics. :D

Wow, you are lucky if he really is a S&P! They are extremely rare.
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