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So tonight me and my best friend we’re driving around and one of our classmates posted a picture of a hedgehog basically asking for someone to come pick it up he didn’t care who. Instantly I texted him and asked who’s it was. He told me it was his sisters and about two years old and that they just wanted it gone. So me being me and worried that somebody else would get it that would continue the cycle of neglect I rushed over to his house. Now the cage itself wasn’t a bad size had it had a wheel but the poor thing only had a water ball, a squeaky ball, a food dish with poop caked on it (obviously old) and a blanket scrap. Which wasn’t as bad as I was suspecting. The hedgehog itself was alert had nice ears and skin bright eyes and was friendly (even though they told me he was mean (they don’t even know it’s gender?) and would bite me). I picked up the poor little thing and she perked up instantly and was very kind and calm. So I instantly took it home. I’m going to try to rehome her into a good home and she’s living in the second level of quills house (I previously dismantled it because she’s getting older). In the morning I’ll be talking to my parents (yes irresponsible of me I’m aware but I don’t think it could wait) and going from there.


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