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It's funny, some days I can do every single nail and even go back and clean up the ones that aren't perfect. Other days, I can't get even one - she's just not in the mood. So, yeah... it happens to me too.

How I deal with the "no way you're cutting my nails" nights are to just play with her feet and try again the next day.

When we were new to each other, I'd bring the clippers out just about every single night and try so that if it happened to be a "good" night, I could rest easy the next few nights. Sometimes, I only got one or two... no big deal... I'd get the others some other time. I'd also play with her little feet when I had no intention of clipping her nails... just to keep her used to me fussing with them.

It works to be really zen about the whole thing. I think it's pretty easy to get caught up in a power struggle that doesn't work for you or hedgie.

Good luck!
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