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I can get a hedgehog if...

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My mom said I can get a hedgehog, but I have to do one thing first, get rid of the birds. I've had one of them for at least three years, and got one on my b-day. I want a hedgehog, but I REALLY don't want to get rid of my birds. This doesn't make any sense to me because my brother has had lizards and a ferret, but I only have one little bird, that hardly ever lets you hold him and I HAD a fish. She got my brother a ferret for his b-day, but won't let me get a hedgie. I know I'll take care of it (I have two birds), unlike my brother who only got to keep his ferret for about three months because he never (like once every two weeks is when he did it) cleaned his litter box or kept forgetting to change his water and food. This makes me so angry! Sorry for this, but I just wanted a little advice...
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Bummer! Does she think the hedgie is going to turn out like the ferret did? Ask what her reasons for this are, and try to compromise something to keep your birds, and get a hedgie. I don't know how old the bird is (and I think most live pretty long) but if it's near the older side, maybe you would like to wait for it to pass, to get the hedgie? It sounds sad, but that way you would not have to give it up.

Tell your mom that you will always have help and advice here. If you want, show her the site so she can see that we will be supportive and help you with anything that could come up.

Above all, keep researching! ;)
I'm sorry your mother is asking you to do this, but you must remember : pets are not disposable. If you get a pet you make a lifelong commitment.
LizardGirl: They are each 4-5 years, and they can live up to 25 years!

Gnarly: I know pets are not disposable and thats why I don't what to get get rid of them!

My mom expects me to just get over them so fast, but I try asking her about it and she just cuts me off and says no. :cry:
So maybe a hedgehog won't fit into your life right now. I'm sorry, but maybe you should wait until you move out of your mothers house.
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