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Re: I'm thinking about getting a liner, but I'm still not sure.

Liners are awesome.

1- I change mine every 3-4 days as well. When I lived in a bigger space it could wait up to a week, but in my dorm room it starts to get a little smelly if I don't change them. I keep the dirty ones in a plastic bag so that they don't smell, and wash them in a load of their own every 3 weeks. (I have 6 liners, 3 hedgiebags, a blanket, and several cleaning-rags that get washed).

2- As LG said, light colors work best for liners because you can clearly see poop, pee, and blood if anything changes health-wise. Most liners are just a layer or two of fleece, if you want to fold a blanket it would still work, but isn't necessary.

3- if your hedgie is a burrower, cutting up fleece scraps is a great way to give him something to dig in. However, some will just burrow right underneath the liner, and that's usually fine and pretty hard to prevent. If you do decide to fold a blanket, he could probably burrow in between the folds. I also suggest getting a hedgiebag if you don't already have one, they're awesome.

4- Liners are surprisingly easy to put in the wash. In my limited experience, they are not "covered in hedgecrap" What I do is shake off all the pieces of dried whatever into a trash can and then just toss everything in the wash. Some people use disinfectant wipes on the washer after the load is done to prevent any transfer to other clothing, but I don't think its really necessary.

5- Putting hedgie liners in with other clothes is possible, and some people do it, but its much easier to just have enough on hand to do a load of their own whenever they get dirty. This prevents transfer of poo and any lingering smell.

Good luck!
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