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Hi everyone!

Hurricane season just about started here in Florida and right now we're currently impending a tropical storm. I was wondering what supplies I should have ready for my hog just in case the power goes out for a couple of days and for the future? (Sidenote: In the event that the power does go out, our neighbor lets us use his generator, and in a worse scenario, I can bring Porridge to my boyfriend's apartment since his power runs on a hospital grid. I will always use my best judgement when a situation arises, promise!)

So far at home I have:
  • Food (Usual mix of kitten food, emergency a/d + feeding syringes)
  • Water (Emergency Pedialyte also)
  • Extra fleece and Baby blankets
  • 100W and 60W lamps + domes connected to a digital thermostat
  • (2) Small portable battery powered fans
I also have these prepared for travel:
  • Unwashed shirts (to keep in her carrier while in the car)
  • Extra snuggle sacks
  • Battery powered digital thermostats (1 for her carrier, 2 for different areas of her playpen)
  • Extra food/water bowls
  • Paper towels/poop bags
  • Wheel + wheel cleaner
  • Portable playpen
Are there any other items I should have in preparation? Thank you all! :)

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