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Hi everyone!

Hurricane season just about started here in Florida and right now we're currently impending a tropical storm. I was wondering what supplies I should have ready for my hog just in case the power goes out for a couple of days and for the future? (Sidenote: In the event that the power does go out, our neighbor lets us use his generator, and in a worse scenario, I can bring Porridge to my boyfriend's apartment since his power runs on a hospital grid. I will always use my best judgement when a situation arises, promise!)

So far at home I have:
  • Food (Usual mix of kitten food, emergency a/d + feeding syringes)
  • Water (Emergency Pedialyte also)
  • Extra fleece and Baby blankets
  • 100W and 60W lamps + domes connected to a digital thermostat
  • (2) Small portable battery powered fans
I also have these prepared for travel:
  • Unwashed shirts (to keep in her carrier while in the car)
  • Extra snuggle sacks
  • Battery powered digital thermostats (1 for her carrier, 2 for different areas of her playpen)
  • Extra food/water bowls
  • Paper towels/poop bags
  • Wheel + wheel cleaner
  • Portable playpen
Are there any other items I should have in preparation? Thank you all! :)

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Looks like you have it pretty much figured out. I have a small first aid kit for the hedgehogs that I take if we travel. Its basically a small pencil box with syringes, q-tips, guaze, etc in it.

I also always have a travel carrier ready to go and it sits on a shelf under the cages. Install a fresh liner, attach a baggie of food (don't forget to transition food frequently to keep it fresh!) and some TP for quick clean ups! Its nice having it there should there be tornado warnings, or (god forbid) a fire.
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