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What should the humidity level in my hedgies room be?
I live in nc and it has been 90+for a week now.
I have a temp/humidity themometer the heat rite now is 76 and the indoor humidity is at 48%.
The gauge keeps track of the lowest and highest temp/humidity levels.
The highest temp so far is 81f the lowest 72f.
The highest humidity level so far is 50% and the lowest is 41%
Are these humidity levels o.k.?
Should i purchase a dehumidifer?
Thanks to all for any help :D

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If you're running an a/c, you are dehumidifying. Optimal indoor humidity is between 40 and 50%. Once humidity hits 50% and over, the temperature starts feeling warmer than it really is.

When your indoor temps hit 80 and your humidity is 75%, the temperature feels like 84 and it makes it harder for your body (or the hedgehog's body) to cool through evaporation. Here's a heat index chart: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/heat/index.shtml

In the winter, increasing humidity is an effective way of making a room feel warmer. Dry air is cooler than moist air.

And anything lower than 40 can cause dry skin and itchiness.
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