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Huffing over lanolin application...

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I tried putting some lanolin on Lily's ears tonight, they're just a touch dry. Usually she doesn't care if I rub her ears just lightly between my fingers for a moment, but when I tried to put some of the lanolin on one, she freaked out. She started huffing up a storm, and even balled up in my hands a few times. Then she started trying to escape frantically...I have no idea what I did, but it completely caught me off guard, she's always been so sweet. She wouldn't calm down in my hands though, so I put her back in her cage. Any ideas as to why she freaked out so badly? I feel horrible... :?
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It might of been the feel of the Lanolin. (that's my guess anyway)

She's use to feeling your fingers touch her ears and then you put the Lanolin on your fingers it makes them feel a little different. ?

Maybe...lol seems logical to me anyway. :?

Mine do that when I put vitamin E on her ears. Hedgie's are silly
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