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Whyte's quills pierce the skin. If he was my first hedgehog I probably would have decided against the pet. (sorry Whyte, love ya, but its true) Thankfully Riley taught me things could be better.

I like that this forum is up front and honest about hedgehogs, no sugar coating like some online articles and breeder sites tend to be. If you choose to love them anyway, THAT'S GREAT! But you at least get the honest information. I don't feel it is all "preferences", some people on here are speaking from years of experience, they know what is tried and true.

I didn't take all the advice in the beginning, but I'm slowly realizing just how sound the advice was.

I'm glad you posted the link and that others corrected it. It isn't directed at you, its great that the link is there, and the explanations for why some of the items aren't ideal are also able to be discussed. Thank you for sharing and I hope you post more things that you find! Its all out there for us to learn.
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