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How to convince parents to get me a hedgehog?

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Over the past 2 years I have kept exotic pets that my parents bought for me or that I had caught. Some pets are a tarantula and 3 ant colony that I've raised myself. I have enough money to buy a hedgehog and I know a breeder. I have cat kibble that I will feed it and I have money to buy it. I have a Tupperware container to house it in and I'm going to purchase a wheel. But I'm pretty sure they will say no. I have proven myself responsible to them by now I think. I've already asked a year ago and they said no. What points can I bring up to them to help my case? I have done much research and I even got my English teacher, who has a hedgehog give me some pointer on how to take care of one.
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Nikki is absolutely right on all her points. And often when you get a new pet, the pet might have a medical issue come up.

My hedgehog had skin issues arise shortly after I got her and the frequent vet visits plus the special shampoo she needed and special antibacterial lotion she needed came out to more than 300 dollars. Even with a vet familiar with them it could take a long while to figure out the reason a hedgie is sick and you have to go through several consultations and trial and error. It took nearly 2 months until she was a lot better. And I have to give her special oat meal baths and make sure her skin stays moisturized because her skin is so sensitive. That costs money too and keeping her warm during the winter has doubled by electricity bill. They require a lot of work, time, and money and you are always learning ways to take better care of them.
I just spammed my mom with cute videos of hedgehogs, kept telling her about it, kept beginning for one to both my parents. Eventually they said yes if i paid for everything myself, they probably thought i wouldn't be able to lol but i was so i got one.
One tip; dont tell them that they masturbate, not the best argument😂
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