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How to convince parents to get me a hedgehog?

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Over the past 2 years I have kept exotic pets that my parents bought for me or that I had caught. Some pets are a tarantula and 3 ant colony that I've raised myself. I have enough money to buy a hedgehog and I know a breeder. I have cat kibble that I will feed it and I have money to buy it. I have a Tupperware container to house it in and I'm going to purchase a wheel. But I'm pretty sure they will say no. I have proven myself responsible to them by now I think. I've already asked a year ago and they said no. What points can I bring up to them to help my case? I have done much research and I even got my English teacher, who has a hedgehog give me some pointer on how to take care of one.
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I had to work for a year to get my hedgie. I know you've asked a year ago but it differs with different people. My mom hates all animals and only ever let me have a fish. For me, the real turning point was when my friend who also owns a hedgehog went on vacation and let me take care of her hedgehog. This let my parents see what it was really like to own a hedgehog. Really, the best advice I can give is patience. They know you're responsible now you just have to let them know you are committed. I just kept telling facts so they knew I was still interested and so that they knew more things about why they are amazing pets. If you really want one, it won't matter how long it takes. Trust me, I know it feels horrible when they just keep saying no but the reward is well worth the wait.
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