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How to convince parents to get me a hedgehog?

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Over the past 2 years I have kept exotic pets that my parents bought for me or that I had caught. Some pets are a tarantula and 3 ant colony that I've raised myself. I have enough money to buy a hedgehog and I know a breeder. I have cat kibble that I will feed it and I have money to buy it. I have a Tupperware container to house it in and I'm going to purchase a wheel. But I'm pretty sure they will say no. I have proven myself responsible to them by now I think. I've already asked a year ago and they said no. What points can I bring up to them to help my case? I have done much research and I even got my English teacher, who has a hedgehog give me some pointer on how to take care of one.
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Don't forget you'll also need a heating set up and that will use electricity that your parents have to pay for. Remember that hedgehogs need 8 square feet of living space. You also need to consider what's going to happen when you need to take your hedgehog to the vet? It's easy to say now that they will take it and pay but usually what happens is the parents don't want to spend money on a vet and the hedgehog is the one that suffers.

You also have to be 100% honest with them, yes hedgehog smell, all animals smell. Yes they get sick and it's more when they will need to see a vet not if. Yes they are noisy at night. Yes you have to figure out what to do when you are out of town. If you're in high school you also have to think what will happen after you graduate.

Right now your parents are responsible for everyone and every living thing in their home. If they don't want the responsibility of a hedgehog then it's not fair for you to try and talk them into it. If you want to be a truly responsible hedgehog owner you will wait until you are able to provide a home where you are responsible for all expenses and not your parents.
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Their feces smells, as does the feces of any animal. When they poop there is often a strong odor until it dries and the wheel will often smell strongly by morning from the mixture of urine and feces.
Please make sure they understand that there will be vet visits to pay for. To many times we have kids coming here asking for help with a sick or injured hedgehog because their parents don't want to take them to the vet. With hedgehogs it's not IF they will need to see a vet but WHEN they will need to see one.
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