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I was the exact same way when I took Lily to the vet for the first time back in January. I've gone along with my mom on the vet visits for our dog and cat, but she's always been in charge of questions and information. My suggestions are:

1) To find out if the vet knows about hedgehogs, ask over the phone whether the clinic has a vet that has experience with hedgehogs. Ask if maybe you could talk to that vet when he/she gets a moment, and when you get a chance to talk to them, just ask what they know of hedgehogs, what kinds of things they've dealt with before.

2) The price of a check up at my vet was about $45. I've heard that some are a lot more though, it just depends on where you're located and the particular vet.

3) If you have specific questions you'd like to ask the vet, write them down before going, so you don't forget them while you're there. You might leave space after them, so you can write down his answers if you want. Make sure you address any specific concerns you might have about your hedgehog and if you'd like, you can tell him a bit about your hedgehog.

4) One thing that I did when I took Lily to the vet, was I took along the three-ring binder that I've made that contains all of her info, her food chart, her weight chart, and the things I've printed out on care of hedgehogs. I plan on taking it to any future vet visits, too. That way, I can show my vet if Lily's eating habits or weight has changed drastically at some point, and I have a correct record of it all, and don't have to guess. I also have the hedgehog lab values in there, in case my vet should need it. I made a section in the binder for vet history, and when they gave me the little bill about how much I paid, I wrote down on the blank space that we gave her Revolution for mites. I can add future bills/info in there, too. That way, I'll also have her vet history on hand. :)

Oh, and one last thing. My mom did go with me for the first vet visit, just to make sure everything checked out okay. I may end up doing some or all future visits on my own, though.
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