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Sorry if this question has been put incorrectly, but i was wondering how common is it to lose a hedgehog due to old age?

I read this forum daily, and often read stories of people losing their hedgehogs early, but as long as the hedgehog is kept properly is it quite rare to lose them before old age?

This is not to suggest in anyway that people losing hedgehogs young are not taking care of them, and my heart goes out to anyone that this happens to, its just that im becoming worried that im going to lose my baby before he really gets a chance to get going.

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Average life span is 4-5 years which is when cancers and disease most often appears. There are hedgehogs who live past that age because they've been lucky enough to escape cancer or other ailments.

As the pathologist who has done some of our gangs tumour exams has stated, "Hedgehogs are little tumour factories" and sad to say, that seems to be the case regardless of how good of care we give them.

Bandit our oldest is a petstore, probably mill bred hedgehog and he will be 6 in December. Most of those we have lost have been over 4 and 5 with a couple that were 3. This includes both petstore and breeder.
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