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how much to feed?

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This might be a stupid question but I was wondering if you leave out their kibble or give them meal times? Also how many insects do they have to eat to be healthy? And I heard on here that they can eat Gerber baby food stage 2, but would that be giving as a treat or something that should be fed more often? And are fruits and veggies a big part of their diet? Because if it isn't a huge part cant I supplement some of that using the Baby food that has vegetables in it or not? And for meat couldn't I just give him a little peice of chicken or a tiny peice of beef once a week? I just want to know so when I get my hedgehog it will have the perfect life!
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You will find varying opinions on what people feed regularly and what people believe are the right thing to do. For me, I go with the group that believes that a regular feeding of kibble, bugs, fruits/veggies is a good way to go to try to provide the nutrients they need.

I feed bugs and fruits/veggies as a regular part of their diet (nightly). How many bugs depends on the type of bug, the size of the bug and the hedgehog. Often with mealworms the amount ranges from 3-6 a night. All dependent on if the bug is a small worm or a big worm and how active the hedgehog is.

Fruits and veggies, I provide a small amount of fresh fruit or vegetables nightly. I vary what I'm feeding or try to give a medley if I have it easily available. On nights that I do not have a lot of time to dice up food, I give a little baby food.

I won't feed beef at all, beef tends to have a lot of fat in it, and always seemed to cause runny stools after wards. I bit of cooked turkey, salmon, chicken (all unseasoned) work fine. For chicken I tend to just save small pieces and boil them for the hedgehogs, then cut up into small bit size pieces.
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thanks. i just wanted to make sure i didn't over feed or under feed, and I'll amek sure i dont feed beef.
Oh, I also keep a bowl of kibble in their cage at all times. I've never had a problem with free feeding as long as the hedgehog has a wheel and a big enough cage to keep them interested in doing other things besides eating.

The beef thing you'll find some that will feed it. I just haven't had good luck and I was trying a very low fat quality beef. Wasn't worth the trouble.
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