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I know this isn't much, but I want to add what I can

I just got back from the vet with Kipper, and the visit cost me a total of $110. 83 for the vet visit/checkup, and 20 dollars for antibiotics. Judging from others, I guess the place where I get checkups for Kip is kinda expensive, but w/e.

One more thing, most people (or at least my breeder) recommend a vet visit in the first couple weeks you have your hedgehog, so keep that in mind, along with the yearly visit.

O.K, last thing. My vet said for most hedgehog she handles for tests, she has to have anesthia to them. That's only if they're grumpy, which most hedgehogs will be. Luckily my Kipper wasn't that bad, so he didn't need it. But I'm pretty sure anesthia is pretty expensive, so watch out.
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