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How do YOU keep your hedgie from digging under his liners?

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Well, I have a C&C cage and for some reason no matter what options I give him, Pepper seems to be OBSESSED with getting under his liner and staying there. And every time he does this, it pretty much ruins his whole cage cuz it tips his food and water over and whatnot, and he doesn't know how to get back out so whenever he does it I have to take him out. Now, I've tried duct-taping the liners down but no matter how much I use, he still finds a way to get under it. I've tried putting "heavy" things around the sides to hold the liner down, but he just frantically moves them out of the way and gets under it anyways. He does have fleece strips, a litter box with Carefresh in it, a fleece tent that I made him, and a small fleece blanket that he could easily hide under instead, but he'd rather cause me more work by going under the stupid liner.

Can anyone give me some insight on how to keep the liners down better or prevent this behavior altogether?
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Perhaps you can cut your liners into smaller ones, so that your hh can use one as his 'Linus blanket'. When the one gets tossed up, it won't then upset the rest of your cage.

I use shavings, a square foot of blanket, and a kleenex box, and mine will burrow under the blanket, have the shavings surrounding her so that she is on the plastic, and she'll have the kleenex box snug over top. It may be for security.
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