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how do they breathe?!

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when my hedgie burrows to go sleep, sometimes he goes in the most enlosed places. i have no idea how he breaths. right now i am sitting in my leather chair and he's burrowed almost behind me back and is completely enclosed. can they ever suffocate? sometimes i try to pull him out to a less enclosed space but he just goes right back! is this okay?
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If the pressure difference is enough, small gaps let in air. or the material lets air through.
I know fleece does, but post#1 is... awww! she's sleeping completely on her side in my lap! she barely does that! i gotta post a pic soon!... anyways, the first post here fas not talking about fleece.

I bet they have nostrils shaped so a seal with their nose and another object is not formed. (like putting a pipe that has a bit on the end chipped off against a wall.
Aww jade looks so cute now! i just saw it in this post. tee hee!
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